A Note on National Signing Day

Chad Dorman
2 min readFeb 6, 2022

February 2nd, National Signing Day, can be cause for celebration or can lead to frustration in many student-athletes.
If you have signed — congratulations — and know that you’re only just getting started! Do not let signing a NLI be the best part of the process — work hard, be smart, set goals and achieve them!

If you did not yet sign, you may be feeling anxious or miserable. Football players especially may feel that their days on the gridiron are over — do not think that way and do not give up your hope and efforts! National Signing Day represents the first day that a high school athlete can sign a NLI to a college institution, NOT the very last.

Many students may get so caught up in the celebratory chaos and the desire to be a part of the festivities on ‘Day 1’, that they make a massive mistake. While we understand the mindset and the excitement, the urge to be signed for the sake of being signed — and to revel in the achievement, to plaster across social media — should never supersede your long-term goals, plans and interests. Do not take any offer from a college JUST to sign on Signing Day. Make totally sure it’s the right place for you, that you have a good relationship with the coaching staff, that you love the campus and location… run an ‘ACL Test’ in your mind and with your family: If I popped my ACL and couldn’t play, is this where I want to be?

Don’t be overwhelmed — take things one ‘whelm’ at a time and slow the process down, especially at this critical moment. Review with family, review with high school coaches, and review — of course — with yourself. Access your abilities, your dedication to the program, be honest with yourself. Make this a decision that you can look back on and be immensely proud!

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