Three things student-athletes need for PR (especially as the NIL takes hold)!

>> own your story;
>> establish your ‘brand’ ie define your image;
>> be ready/reactive!

In short, don’t let others get out in front of you when the “news” is about YOU! Be who you are and who you are comfortable being, don’t let opinions dictate your image. And finally, when put into any limelight you become an influencer of sorts with something to lose, you need to be ready to react/address every day events when you inevitably will be asked.
Are you prepared for your next steps in the NIL landscape? For insight, advice, PR guidance and branding, do not hesitate to contact us!

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We recently had a parent ask about ways to deal with a student’s stress as they head into the first year of college. Taking that step — as an academic and as a person — is huge, and certainly can create anxiety on it’s own, but we feel like in…

On July 1st, 2021, a new era began in the world of college sports. With the new laws on college athletes profiting off of their NIL in many states coming into effect, the NCAA instituted an interim policy allowing college athletes nationwide to take advantage of this previously unthinkable opportunity…

Here are some quick notes (and items to focus on) for self-guided collegetours — note that these can apply for regularly set tours as well!

It is a big plus to check in, if possible. Letting the Admissions Team know that you’re there to visit and see the campus as…

Just over two weeks after the July 1st deadline that opened the NIL floodgates in college athletics, numerous student-athletes have already taken measures in signing major endorsement deals to fully take advantage of this new opportunity to profit off of their names, images, and likenesses. These major changes have continued…

Chad Dorman

Founder & Director of Leonard Andrew Consulting, Leaders in College Advisement, Athletic Recruitment, & Tutoring Services. Educator. Advisor. Entrepreneur.

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